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1. How do I join WNYF-TV?

Right here! If you are a member of the Fredonia student or local community, send along your information to get well on your way to becoming a member of our station!

2. Can I join even if I'm not a Fredonia student?

Yes! However, please know that you must be a community member, and that community members may not hold any Executive Board of Directors, Sub-Board, or Producer management positions. Community members may not be accredited members, meaning that they will not be able to vote or take out Station equipment unsupervised.

3. If I join, how do I get card access?

To get card access to WNYF, you must

have been a member for at least 1 (one) semester, and have attended 3 (three) shows or sports broadcasts.

4. Where can I read about WNYF policies?

Click here! Our Doctrine outlines all rules and procedures for WNYF-TV, as well as the duties of every E-Board member!

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